Concrete Paver Systems

Concrete Paver Systems transforms your vision into works of art

Concrete Paver Systems masters the use and technique of centuries-old applications with the new products of this modular world. The result? Timeless works of art.

Allow us to take your vision and turn it into reality with the use of today’s latest advancements in materials and technology. Our craftsmen can transform your hardscape project into a modular masterpiece or the warmth of the timeless cobblestoned roads of ancient Rome.

Our architectural design staff will work with you to achieve your dreams of making your project special whether it’s your patio or an entire downtown streetscape. Since 1988 we have shown the industry that our unequaled commitment to quality and integrity is why CPS has become one of the largest installation companies in North America.

We are experts in the installation of new and federally mandated eco-friendly permeable pavers. Our work spans from commercial applications to high-end residential.


Permeable Pavers

Permeable Pavers

Installation of environmentally desired permeable pavers. Permeable pavers allow water to responsibly permeate through paver surfaces to replenish the eco-system and groundwater to reduce flooding.

ADA-Compliant Pavers


ADA compliant pavers that provide additional guidance for wheelchair and pedestrian access to streets. ADA compliant pavers ensure local jurisdictions are accessible to people with physical or visual disabilities.

Highway, Road, and Median


Highway and median infrastructure including medians, streets and walkways. Concrete Paver Systems has installed pavers for major interstate highways such as Interstate 35 in Texas as well as residential streets in communities throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma where we are licensed.

Commercial and Retail Construction


Commercial construction includes fountain plazas, public spaces, entries, walkways and driveways at corporate facilities, shopping centers, hotels, schools, health care facilities and more.

High-End Residential


High end residential projects include patios, pool decks, driveways, and retaining walls.

Best Pavers in the Country

Pavestone and Belgard, two of the most respected manufacturers of concrete pavers, say that Concrete Paver Systems is one of the most qualified and recommended installers in the country. We are the largest paver installer in north Texas, which today is the strongest construction market in the U.S. Almost every day we install pavers somewhere in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma where we are licensed.