About Concrete Paver Systems

Since 1988, Concrete Paver Systems has become the industry’s leader in the installation of pavers and walls. From its humble beginnings starting with an old pickup, two wheelbarrows and a couple of shovels, CPS showed the paver industry that hard work, integrity and a commitment to quality is the recipe for success. Today we are one of the largest installation companies in North America.

Three StatesBrothers Roger and Mike Henjum own and operate CPS with a great staff that shares the same business concept and passion. Our staff has grown over the years and our skilled craftsmen that make up our installation crews make us what we are today… the very best in the business.

In this competitive business environment we have continued to grow largely due to our reputation as a company that can be counted on to finish the job on time and on budget. With sales exceeding $65,000,000 we have proven to be a major force in the paver business. We are confident that if we are fortunate enough to work with you and your family or business you will see what others have seen over the last three decades — that we are a trusted asset you can count on.

Insurance Coverage

InsuranceWe are insured with top-quality insurance for Workman’s Compensation, General Liability and Auto Liability. Always ask your contractor about their insurance coverage.

Please contact us and let us show you why so many others have chosen Concrete Paver Systems and remain our loyal clients and friends today.


Michael L. Henjum
As a graduate of Texas Tech University School of Architecture I had high hopes of being another Frank Loyd Wright. In 1981 the construction market was strong and finding a job and a promising career was no problem. After a few years in west Texas, a move to Dallas was a necessity if I wanted to be a part of the “big boom” in the construction industry. After relocating to Dallas, as with all booms they seem to go bust. I became a licensed Architect just before the bust. That meant I was overqualified for many of the jobs that were available for pennies on the dollar. Coming from a west Texas ranching family, hard work and manual labor was not a problem — and a necessity to provide a living for my family led me to start Concrete Paver Systems.

During the “bust” years of the 1980s I should have had my head examined for starting a new business, but a banker needing to make a loan came across my path. After mortgaging everything our family owned for a $10,000.00 loan, I started down a path that I had no idea where it would take me. The short term need was to bring home money… there was no long term plan. With an old pickup and a couple of wheelbarrows “CPS” was started. Many who know me and my story think it’s amazing what has happened to our company — but my reply is “unemployment is a great motivator.”

Just eighteen months into the business, CPS became one of Pavestone’s largest customers — and has held that position consistently for the last 22 years. We have become one of the nation’s largest installers of concrete pavers and retaining walls. As a licensed architect and with a desire to do what we do better than anyone in the business we offer unmatched quality and dependability to take care of all of our clients. I learned long ago that by hiring great people with integrity and a strong work ethic that we could accomplish almost anything. Today CPS has possibly the greatest staff in the entire paving industry.

As the president of Concrete Paver Systems my goal is to continue leading the installation industry with our commitment to quality and installation innovations. The old saying is that if you do something better than anyone else, then the world will beat a path to your door. I hope our paths will soon cross and I will meet you at the door.

Roger Henjum

Coming from a country background, I wanted to be a veterinarian like my father. When I got to Texas A & M I found out everybody else wanted the same thing also. Didn’t take me long to figure out Ag Eco was a better choice. Upon graduation I experienced several different jobs ranging from in keeper to market manager for 10 years.

As Mike mentioned he didn’t know what path CPS would take him, but in 1990 my path and his path crossed and we had the pleasure of working together again much like we had done all our lives.

Since that time I have become a partner in CPS and have helped to grow it to what it is today. Today I am recognized as the Aggie in the company who is ready to install and back up any job we do. Thanks to my wonderful family, friends, and customers I hope to continue on this wonderful path for many more years to come.

Roger Henjum
Aggie Class of ’75