Environmental Eco-Friendly Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are eco-friendly, and are the next big thing in covering ground surfaces — and Concrete Paver Systems is an expert in their installation. Permeable pavers allow rainwater to percolate through areas between pavers to the soil underneath. With traditional paver techniques, water cannot be absorbed into the ground below, and as a consequence it runs off the pavers and can cause flooding.

Permeable Paver Cross-Section

Permeable Paver Cross-Section

Permeable pavers are smart for the environment, flood control, and for recharging our groundwater. It combines pavers and grid systems to minimize water runoff problems. Just as drinking water can be filtered to remove impurities, soil particles filter rainwater percolating through soil on its way to surface waters to groundwater aquifers.

Another benefit to the environment by using permeable pavers is that when storm water flows across streets and sidewalks, it picks up contaminants associated with air pollution particles, spilled detergents, solvents, de-icing salts, dead leaves, pesticides, fertilizer and bacteria from pet waste. Natural filtration of water through soil is the simplest way to control these pollutants and is a direct advantage of using permeable pavers.

In addition, with permeable pavers there is less need for storm water management infrastructure. Catch basins, storm water ponds, curbs, gutters and storm drains can be eliminated or downsized.